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If you’re in Denver and you’re struggling with your weight, you’re not the only one. The sad truth is that as a state, we’re getting bigger. 1 in 2 Coloradans are overweight, and 1 in 5 suffer from obesity.


The truth is that losing weight is hard. It’s a long process, and it’s easy to get discouraged if you binge one day or skip a workout. Going out with friends can wreck your calorie budget for the day.

And there’s tons of dieting advice out there, but most of it is bad. Cutting out fat like nuts and avocados isn’t going to help you slim down. And the “A calorie is a calorie, no matter what type of food it is” myth has ruined a lot of diets.

That’s why we put together this guide. Use the strategies and resources we’ve laid out, and you’ll start losing weight in no time and keeping it off so you can enjoy more fun activities in Denver!

Your Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

From delicious recipes to fun workouts, we’ve got you covered!


Psychology of Weight Loss
Boosting Your Metabolism
What Should I Eat?
Dieting While Busy
Delicious Healthy Recipes
Eating Out
Cardio Workouts
Strength Workouts
Boosting Your Flexibility
Bariatric Surgery


Choosing the right weight-loss diet


The Psychology of Weight Loss

Why are we starting with the psychology of weight loss? Because this is where most people who want to lose weight get stuck. They diet and exercise like champions…for a month. But then they miss a workout, or give in and eat that chocolate cake, and suddenly they’re off the wagon.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. To win the race and reach your ideal weight and stay there, you have to be kind to yourself and set achievable goals. You need to set easy-to-hit milestones and reward yourself for staying on track. You need to recognize that some days you’ll slip up, and build that into your plan ahead of time.

Don’t worry. With the resources below, we’ll show you how to:

Boosting your metabolism to lose weight


Boosting Your Metabolism: The Hidden Secret to Weight Loss

If you can improve your metabolism, then you can kick-start your weight loss and amplify the benefits of your diet and workouts. From drinking more water to getting enough sleep, here are the hidden secrets to maximizing your weight loss.

Choosing the right weight-loss diet


Losing Weight With the Right Diet

With so many diets out there giving conflicting advice, it’s tough to know where to turn. The truth is, the right diet just gives you a few key rules: eat plenty of plants, get your protein, and avoid too many processed foods.

Dieting for weight loss when you're busy


How to Eat Healthy Even When You’re Busy

Dieting would be easy if you didn’t have to work and had nothing but free time. But how do you eat healthy when you’re getting home late and just want to go to bed, or you’re running out the door and feel like you don’t have time for a real (healthy) meal?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Eating superfoods to lose weight


Losing Weight By Eating Superfoods

From yogurt to almonds, eating some foods can actually help you lose weight. Here’s how to pack your diet with delicious superfoods that can increase your metabolism and make you look and feel better than ever.

Healthy Weight Loss Recipes


Delicious, Healthy Weight Loss Recipes

Eating healthy shouldn’t be a chore! We’ve put together delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that will make you feel like you’re not dieting at all.

Eating out to lose weight


Eating Out Without Wrecking Your Diet

You shouldn’t have to choose between going out with friends and sticking to your diet. We’ll show you how to pick healthy, delicious meals without feeling like you’re scrimping!

And, here are some amazing restaurants in Denver for a great (and healthy!) night out!

Hiking to lose weight in Denver, Colorado


Fun Hiking and Walking Trails in Denver

Cardio is a great way to lose weight, but what if you’re tired of running for hours on a treadmill? Luckily, Denver’s chock-full of wonderful walking and hiking trails that will make you look forward to your walk or run!

Hiking to lose weight in Denver, Colorado


Losing Weight with Strength Workouts

Why would you lift weights when you’re trying to shed pounds? The truth is, if you don’t do strength workouts, then you’re never going to lose as much weight as you could. Here’s how to add easy strength workouts to your weekly routine so you can lose fat while toning up!

If you’re in Denver, here are 4 fun gyms to help you get in your strength workout!


Staying Healthy with Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises can help you avoid getting injured; a torn muscle or sprained ankle can really derail your weight loss efforts, in addition to being painful. Here’s how to incorporate stretching so you don’t get injured.

As a bonus, these Denver yoga studios can help you become more flexible while also getting your workout in!


Bariatric Surgery in Denver

If you’re struggling with obesity, then diet and exercise alone may not be enough. If that’s the case, then please understand that it’s not your fault. The more overweight you are, the harder it is to lose weight, because your body becomes hardwired to maintain your current weight.

If this is you, then bariatric surgery in Denver is a proven solution to help you lose weight, keep it off, and live the life you’ve always imagined. You can call or talk to our friendly office staff today.

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