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Meet Dr. Joshua Long:
Our Bariatric Surgeon

A nationally renowned and double-board-certified Denver bariatric surgeon, Dr. Long uses a partnership care model with each patient to tailor care to their individual needs. Patients routinely thank Dr. Long for his warm, compassionate bedside manner. He’s considered to be at the top of his field, having performed over 1,000 bariatric surgeries. Peers praise his technical skill, and he has some of the lowest complication rates among bariatric surgeons in the nation. Dr. Long and the staff at the Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado consider it an honor to serve every patient with the highest quality of care.

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Dr. Joshua Long


Had LAP-BAND® Surgery and Need Help?

We now know that LAP-BAND® surgery carries a risk for long-term complications and the band also may require frequent adjustment. Because of this, and because we now have many better weight loss options, many bariatric surgery centers such as the BMCC no longer offer it for patients. If you have a LAP-BAND®, you may need frequent fills, assessments when problems arise, and may also run into more serious problems long-term. A LAP-BAND® revision may be necessary to treat band related complications and give you the meaningful and lasting weight loss experience that you deserve.

Note: we do not offer LAP-BAND® surgery at the BMCC. If you’re interested in a LAP-BAND®, please get in touch with our office and they can recommend a safer and more effective weight-loss procedure.

What is LAP-BAND® Revision Surgery?

A LAP-BAND® revision consists of LAP-BAND® removal surgery and a revision to another more effective bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery or a sleeve gastrectomy. These surgeries are still performed laparoscopically, which means they’re less invasive than traditional open surgery. If you have struggled with, or continue to struggle with obesity, then a revision bariatric surgery procedure can be an effective tool to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Our double-board-certified bariatric surgeon has helped hundreds of Lap-Band procedure patients to transition to a more effective surgery and achieve lasting weight loss.

What Is Gastric Band Surgery?

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery (LAP-BAND®) is a weight loss procedure that used to be a common treatment for obesity. It involves inserting a band around the upper part of your stomach, which sections off a small gastric pouch that fills more rapidly when you eat food, leaving you less hungry. However, it is no longer considered to be a safe and effective long-term weight management option and is much less effective compared with other bariatric surgical procedures. It involves placing an inflatable device around the upper part of the stomach, creating a smaller stomach pouch that fills up more quickly than your stomach would normally. Reducing the amount of food that your stomach can hold decreases the amounts of food that you can eat, which can initially result in losing some weight. However, for many patients due to a variety of band related issues results are may not be initially satisfying and are not likely to yield lasting results.


During the first year after your gastric band has been placed, frequent fills and assessments are a critical part of achieving your desired weight loss. The band can be adjusted by adding saline solution into it via the LAP-BAND® port, inflating or deflating the band. Your gastric band will likely need to be adjusted more than once. Every person is different, and some need to return as often as every 2-4 weeks until their gastric band begins to help them feel full appropriately after they start eating.

In regions of the country such as Colorado (or when flying) where altitude changes occur, sometimes altitude changes the tightness of the band. This means that even after the ideal band volume has been established, the band can become too tight during altitude changes and needs to be temporarily adjusted.

LAP-BAND® Problems

Worldwide studies now show that 25-40% of patients who have had a LAP-BAND® placed will experience problems significant enough to need the band removed in just the first five years after surgery. The lifetime need for LAP-BAND® revision surgery may be higher than 60% with the rate of complications increasing by at least 3-4% every year that a the LAP-BAND® remains in a person’s body.

Common LAP-BAND® complications and symptoms include band erosion, scar tissue around the stomach, nausea and vomiting, pain, gastroesophageal reflux, and weight regain that can inhibit your ability to reach your weight loss goals. These symptoms make the LAP-BAND® an ineffective weight-loss surgery, and are part of the reason that our double-board certified bariatric surgeon does not perform LAP-BAND® surgery.

In you are struggling with obesity, then you need an effective tool to help you to lose weight and keep that weight off. Unfortunately the LAP-BAND® is not an effective tool for most patients.

Comprehensive Support

Unfortunately LAP-BAND® complications are common internationally. At the BMCC, as a patient your support goes far beyond simple gastric band adjustments. Our comprehensive team includes in-office dieticians and behavioral specialists, as well as clinicians, to offer a complete array of weight loss tools and support. Our team will help you achieve the best possible long-term weight loss and will help you handle any issues that come up with your LAP-BAND®.

Are You Struggling?

Are you struggling with increasing heart burn, difficulty swallowing, or other problems? Or do you still suffer from morbid obesity and weight regain after LAP-BAND® surgery? Postoperative complications are unfortunately common with the LAP-BAND®. Contact the Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado today to make an appointment to better understand your band, your struggle, and what next steps are needed. In some cases, taking appropriate action can salvage your band. In other cases, revisional surgery can replace your band with a safer, more effective weight loss solution. In every case we have a solution for you*.

LAP-BAND® Removal Cost

Most insurances cover LAP-BAND® removal, but even if this is not the case with your insurance, removal can still be an affordable option. LAP-BAND® removal costs less than a traditional first bariatric surgery.

Our cash pay LAP-BAND® Removal Cost is only $4,944.00 (prices for revision to another bariatric procedure, such as the roux-en-y gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedure, vary depending on the procedure).

LAP-BAND® to biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch revision cost: $21,110

LAP-BAND® to gastric bypass revision cost: $19,700

LAP-BAND® to sleeve revision cost : $13,300

Should I Get a LAP-BAND® Removal?

Many patients who find themselves struggling say they experience complications like vomiting, heart burn, and even weight regain. A LAP-BAND® removal and revision to a better bariatric surgery, such as gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery, can help many patients to resolve these issues and regain a meaningful weight loss opportunity.

A revision from laparoscopic adjustable gastric band to a safer, more effective surgery can dramatically decrease these problems and give you the long-term weight loss you were hoping to experience in the beginning.

A laparoscopic gastric bypass revision is fairly common, as the gastric bypass is a tried and true bariatric surgery and can more effectively help you on your weight loss journey. Revisions to the duodenal switch or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy are also common. Revisional bariatric surgery can be a powerful way to lose weight, keep it off, and reclaim your life.

LAP-BAND® Removal Complications

It’s important to note that LAP-BAND® removal complications can occur, as the LAP-BAND® removal is a surgery and all surgeries carry some small risk of complications. However, these are rare. The most problematic complication of gastric band removal is weight regain, which is very likely unless you also choose to proceed with a revision to another surgery such as a gastric bypass.

Many of our patients have said over and over again that the minimal cost of removal and LAP-BAND® revision pales in comparison to the value of getting rid of band complications, regaining an effective and long-term weight loss opportunity, and getting their lives back.

If you have a LAP-BAND® and are experiencing significant struggles or ineffective weight loss, please contact us today for more information.

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This page was medically reviewed by Dr. Joshua Long, MD, MBA, FACS, FASMBS. Dr. Long is a double-board-certified bariatric surgeon and bariatric medical director for Parker Adventist Hospital.
Full Bio: Dr. Joshua Long, MD, MBA, FACS, FASMBS
Page Updated: February 6th, 2021

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