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Meet Dr. Joshua Long:
Our Bariatric Surgeon

A nationally renowned and double-board-certified Denver bariatric surgeon, Dr. Long uses a partnership care model with each patient to tailor care to their individual needs. Patients routinely thank Dr. Long for his warm, compassionate bedside manner. He’s considered to be at the top of his field, having performed over 1,000 bariatric surgeries. Peers praise his technical skill, and he has some of the lowest complication rates among bariatric surgeons in the nation. Dr. Long and the staff at the Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado consider it an honor to serve every patient with the highest quality of care.

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Dr. Joshua Long


Has your weight gotten in the way of your life? Do your joints ache, and do you have difficulty doing normal daily activities with your friends and family like going for a walk? Do you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure and constantly wonder if you can ever be healthy again?

You are not alone. In fact, many of our patients have been precisely where you are now, just a few short months ago. Gastric bypass surgery helped them lose weight, keep it off, and regain their quality of life.

With the gastric bypass, you can expect to lose about 65-80% of your excess weight. That could mean losing 150 pounds or even more. Imagine how that would feel.
You can use this handy weight loss calculator below to estimate how much weight you’ll lose after your gastric bypass.

Calculate My Expected Weight Loss.

Please note: these numbers represent national averages. Some patients may lose less weight, and some may lose more. While the gastric bypass can be an unbelievably powerful weight loss tool, it’s not realistic to think of the gastric bypass as a magical cure. What it has done for our patients is level the playing field so that you can have the same opportunity to lose weight and keep it off as anyone else. You can see their results, and their stories, below.

If you are committed to the entire process including diet and exercise after surgery, you can reasonably expect sustained, life-changing weight loss and some incredible gastric bypass before and after shots of your own!

Gastric Bypass Stories

Gastric Bypass Surgery Before and After: Rochelle Goforth

What was your life like before bariatric surgery?
I have always struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Just like so many other people, I have tried just about every diet and pill I could get my hands on with little to no results. I was at a very low place before I was finally approved for gastric bypass in February of 2014. I had given up on ever having a ‘normal’ life with my husband and three children. I had just decided that I would be overweight for the rest of my shortened life and figured I deserved whatever consequence I would have because of my obesity. I was starting high blood pressure medication and my cholesterol was high enough that I was being closely monitored through blood work. I was 36 years old and felt like I was at least in my 50s.

How has bariatric surgery improved your quality of life?
I feel like I have won the lottery and have been given a second chance in life! March 25, 2014 was the first day of the rest of my new life and I can’t even start to express in words how grateful I am. I am a completely new person in many ways but still have all of my positive characteristics I had before surgery. I lost 147 pounds in just under a year and feel amazing! I have been able to be more active with my three teenagers and husband. I can actually out run them! I started running about 6 months after I had surgery and I haven’t stopped since. As of today, I have participated in 8 different races and am currently training for my 3rd half marathon! I was always envious of the people I would see running while I was driving to work and wished it was easier for me to move my body and carry myself like that. I’m not someone that has ever enjoyed physical activity, and now I crave it! I can’t believe I’m actually an official runner and I’m not embarrassed of my abilities!!!

Why did you choose to go with the BMCC?
I chose to go with BMCC for several reasons. The biggest reason was the fact that I never ever felt judged and always felt like my life mattered to all of the staff members on my team. The sense of community and support at BMCC couldn’t be bigger and I would never have been as successful without their support and education.

What was the best thing about working with the BMCC / Dr. Long?
I love that I still feel like I am supported 100% by all the staff members at BMCC over a year later. I know I can call or email with any questions and I don’t feel like I have been left to fend for myself on this new way of life. The education and support I have received, and still continue to receive, has been invaluable and something I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Would you recommend the BMCC to a friend struggling with his or her weight? Why or why not?
I have recommended BMCC to many friends that are struggling with their weight and will continue to do so. I couldn’t imagine a better experience anywhere else and hope that other people get to experience the amazing and life changing journey with the staff at BMCC. I feel like we are all one big family and will stay that way for a very long time. It’s inspiring to be able to work with a doctor that is passionate about what he does and actually treats you as a person whose life and quality of life matters and not just a patient on his schedule.

Gastric bypass before and after--Rochelle Goforth--Before
Gastric bypass before and after--Rochelle Goforth--After

Gastric bypass surgery before and after photos.

My Gastric Bypass Story: Martha Lugo

“As I embarked on my journey to pursue bariatric surgery again, Dr. Long renewed my motivation and my respect for bariatric medicine. From the moment I met him and his staff, I was impressed at the professionalism, the high standards, the exceptional coordinated team effort and the level of care I received. Dr. Long took the time to listen to my situation and he allowed me to voice my fears and concerns as well as ask several questions. He treated me like a valuable human being.
I was highly touched by his compassion as he laid out the plan of action for my treatment. During the first appointment, I cried tears of mixed emotion as I realized how much he really cared and as I witnessed his tremendous passion for his profession.”

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My life before and after gastric bypass: Colleen White

What was your life like before bariatric surgery?
Before I had my surgery I was very ill and my doctor had told me that I couldn’t have the surgery because I would not live through it because of all the co-morbidities. She was convinced I would die on the operating table. It came to a point where she told me I needed to have the surgery because I was going to die if I didn’t get the weight off and improve my health. I was walking with a cane or a walker due to arthritis and lumbar stenosis. I was on Oxygen 24/7 due to lung issues. I suffered from pulmonary hypertension and right sided ventricular hypertrophy. I was seriously diabetic for 20 years, and on 2 shots of insulin and 3 other diabetes medicines. I had very high blood pressure and was on 2 meds for it. My cholesterol was 430 WITH medication. I spent most of my day in bed, rarely left the house and had almost no life outside of the upstairs of my home. My family cooked, cleaned and did the laundry. They brought my meals to me.

How has bariatric surgery improved your quality of life?
Today, 2 years later and 105 pounds less I am a new person. No walker, no cane, no Oxygen. I am completely cured of diabetes and off all those meds. No meds for blood pressure or cholesterol. My cholesterol is now 120. My heart is doing awesome and I am vibrant and active. I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren and could not be happier!

Why did you choose to go with the BMCC?
About a year before my surgery I read a story about Dr. Joshua Long in the Parker Adventist newsletter. Something spoke to my heart (I believe it was God) and told me that someday he would be my surgeon and he would help me. When my PCP said I should have bariatric surgery she told me she was sending me to another bariatric surgeon and I told her, “No, I need to go to Dr. Long at Parker Adventist, he is supposed to be my surgeon.” She thought I was a little nuts but after looking him up she approved. My very first meeting with Dr. Long confirmed to me that all was going to go well. I knew I was going to survive the surgery. I had complete and utter confidence in Dr. Long.

What was the best thing about working with the BMCC / Dr. Long?
It is impossible to name one thing that is the best about BMCC / Dr. Long. He and his staff are just tremendous. They cover every aspect of this journey we go on to recover our health. The support they provide is top notch and I don’t believe there is a group out there that does it better. My success is mine but I do not believe I would be where I am today without the support and love that I have received from Dr. Long and all the wonderful people in his office. They truly care about you, it is more than just a job to them!

Would you recommend the BMCC to a friend struggling with his or her weight? Why or why not?
I think it is probably obvious from my previous comments that I would definitely recommend BMCC to anyone, friend, family or acquaintance. They are the absolute best out there, bar none!

Gastric Bypass Success Story Colleen White--Before
Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient Colleen White--After

Gastric bypass surgery before and after pictures.

My Gastric Bypass Success Story: Rose Martinez

What was your life like before bariatric surgery?
Before I had bariatric surgery, I was considered diabetic and morbidly obese. I didn’t like having to take diabetic drugs and I was very self-conscious of my body image. It seemed that whatever I tried, I couldn’t lose weight and I was afraid of being diabetic for the rest of my life. Having a history of family heart disease and diabetes and I didn’t want to have that kind of a future.

How has bariatric surgery improved your quality of life?
I am so happy with the results of my bariatric surgery. I am no longer considered diabetic (even my ophthalmologist has confirmed that I am not diabetic). I can exercise more and have more energy. My weight is almost down to a normal BMI. Lots of people are commenting how much better I look. Now all I have to do is get new clothes!

Why did you choose to go with the BMCC?
Dr. Sharmini Long was my first introduction to Dr. Josh Long. She was my endocrinologist and suggested I have bariatric surgery. I wasn’t able to at the time because insurance didn’t pay for it. I went to a seminar that Dr. Josh presented and was convinced that he was the right doctor for me. Dr. Josh is very caring and wants his patients to succeed.

What was the best thing about working with the BMCC / Dr. Long?
The whole staff at BMCC and Dr. Josh are fabulous. They don’t demean you and don’t judge you about what you eat. They truly care that the patient succeeds throughout the whole process, from beginning to end.

Would you recommend the BMCC to a friend struggling with his or her weight? Why or why not?
I actually did refer a friend to Dr. Josh. She has gone through with surgery and is on her way to losing weight. I would definitely refer anyone again to Dr. Josh. He is the best as far as I am concerned. Dr. Josh stayed with me through all my challenges and made sure that I was doing great.


Before and after gastric bypass surgery shots.

Before and After My Gastric Bypass: Angie Goodger

“It hasn’t always been easy. The life changes though have been worth every second. My advice: Stop waiting. Don’t blame yourself. Find a care team you can trust. Play with recipes. Play outside. Find protein you love. Include your friends and loved ones on your journey. Don’t give up.

“I’ve lost more than half of my weight. I no longer take prescription medications and am no longer diabetic, hypertensive, etc. We hike and cross country ski, kayak, ice skate, remodel our home and go for long walks. Who could have imagined? The only thing left is to start that family, which we hope to do this year. Thank God for Dr. Long and his team!”

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Gastric Bypass—Is it Right for Me?

The gastric bypass isn’t right for everyone. If you have current vitamin or mineral deficiencies (including amenia) the sleeve gastrectomy may be a better fit for you. That’s because the gastric bypass reroutes your small intestine, meaning you’ll absorb fewer vitamins and minerals after surgery. This can sometimes worsen existing deficiencies.

Also, if you suffer from Crohn’s disease or have had many previous abdominal operations, the bypass may not be a good fit.

However, if you don’t suffer from the above conditions, then the gastric bypass can be a powerful solution to help you lose weight (and your diabetes) and keep it off. You can sign up with your insurance, or we offer a very reasonable cash pay option. Get started today!

Dr. Joshua Long headshot

This page was medically reviewed by Dr. Joshua Long, MD, MBA, FACS, FASMBS. Dr. Long is a double-board-certified bariatric surgeon and bariatric medical director for Parker Adventist Hospital.
Full Bio: Dr. Joshua Long, MD, MBA, FACS, FASMBS
Page Updated: March 1st, 2020

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